Get more from your travels by DOING

September 5, 2011


As my trip to Portugal comes to an end, I have had some revelations regarding how I have been traveling. I am disappointed to say that I have not been true to my nature and have resolved to make some changes in order to make my trips more fulfilling.

1. I don’t take any pleasure in going to different countries to see things. If you visit Sydney, you will probably go to see the Opera House. If you go to Beijing, you will probably make a stop at the Forbidden City. In Portugal, there is no lack of museums and cathedrals to check out. So you end up going to these places, having a look around, and snap a few photos in front of them. Have you really experienced anything unique or amazing? You’re just another tourist in a foreign country checking out the same structures in the city everyone else has. Do you really want to pay thousands of dollars to do that?

2. I’ve lost interest partying in other countries. I enjoy drinking and partying as much as the next guy, but I’ve come to realize that partying in other countries isn’t really all that much better than partying back at home. Sure, the people and environment are different, but the bars and clubs you go to are generally the same wherever you go. Feeling like shit and not wanting to do anything the next day doesn’t help either.

So if you don’t go to a country to see things or party, then what’s left? For me the answer is going somewhere to DO something. Doing somthing, by its nature, suggests that you are undertaking something physical in nature. When I think back to my most memorable trip thus far, the one moment that instantly springs to mind is hiking into the volcanic craters of the Big Island in Hawaii. The crater was one of the most peaceful, serene environments I’ve ever experienced in my life. At the end of the hike, I will never forget approaching a second, massive crater within the crater I was already in. These are the moments that make my travels truly an experience to remember. Whether its hiking, rock climbing, or another activity I am passionate about, I believe that making my future trips revolve around that particular activity is the best way to truly get the full experience out of my travels. I discovered a site called that makes 8 month expeditions around the world simply rock climbing in those locations. Although this may seem like a narrow focus, if this is an activity that you love doing, what better way of experiencing the country is there? It would certainly be more memorable than staying in the city and staring at buildings.

So how about I put my money where my mouth is? I’m going big on my next trip. In December, I will be flying to Nepal where I will be doing a 19-day expedition to Mount Everest base camp. Time to be true to myself and experience life in a way that fulfills me.


One Comment on “Get more from your travels by DOING”

  1. Christopher Lee Says:

    you know that Aaron and some people are going to Nepal this year too right?


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