Why do we overlook the keys to our happiness?

July 18, 2010


I once read the the key to happiness lies in three aspects of our lives: health, wealth, and relationships.

While some might argue that there more characteristics that contribute to our overall happiness, I tend to believe that this covers most of it.  After all, if you are lacking in any one of these categories, you are probably not living as happy or fulfilling of a life as you can.  So why is it that so many people are content on living their lives ignorant of these topics when there exists a sheer wealth of knowledge that can improve your life?  Enter the importance of reading blogs and books.  I feel fortunate that in this technological age, there are tons of bloggers out there who have a vast amount of knowledge to share with the world on these topics.  Most of them put out thought-provoking posts every week and introduce me to new ideas I would never have found out about otherwise.  New ideas and concepts are like wildfire and continue to lead you on different paths of learning and self-discovery.


There are those who are born with the misfortune of chronic ailments.  For them I feel bad.  But for the majority of us, our ailments are simply a result of a lifetime accumulation of self-imposed mistreatment of our bodies that come back to bite us in the ass one day.  Yes, you might have been able to eat like crap in high school and college and get away with it.  However, I can almost guarantee you that if you continued that trend through your career after college, you probably look in the mirror and wonder who that fat ass is staring back at you.  No, it’s not your metabolism slowing down.  It’s the fact that you didn’t feel the need to live a healthy lifestyle and your body is only going to deal with that for so long.  Don’t know where to get your nutrition advice from?  Try the link below.  It is to Mark’s Daily Apple.  It is excellent blog on everything primal.  He touches on just about everything related to health in our lives and is an excellent source of material.  If you doubt his word, take a look at his pictures and ask yourself if you’d like to look like that in your 50s.  I know I do.   I highly recommend his book as well.  Double You Gains is a great site that focuses more on lifting and strength training.

Mark’s Daily Apple

Double Your Gains


Just like most people, I really started to find out about the importance of managing my finances after college.  Before that point, there was really no need.  My only requirements had been to study and get good grades.  Welcome to the real world where ignorance is no longer an excuse.  Don’t know what a Roth IRA is?  Google it and find out.  Don’t know where to invest your money?  How about getting some good financial books from the library or Amazon and reading up on it?  Everyone has to start from somewhere.  Although getting financial advice once in awhile can be helpful, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot manage your finances yourself.  And seriously, who’s going to care more about YOUR money than YOU?  There are even more financial blogs that I can recommend to get you started.

Get Rich Slowly


I Will Teach You to Be Rich


If there’s one book I recommend on improving relationships, it’s How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.  Originally published in 1937, the book is a classic and is probably the definitive guide on how you should treat people in both your professional and personal life.

There are a ton more resources that I reference daily and probably more than a few I haven’t heard of yet.  If you have any good ones, I’m always open to hear them.

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